Thursday, July 11, 2013

The shell is integrated.. and doing well!

The final goal of this week's campaign objectives were to integrate TS4 with the reference body and successfully flatten the shell.

The campaign objectives were met and the shell was flattened this morning (Jul 11). Further, the shell has been centered and the inner ring is secured. Additional tests were performed remotely from Italy to obtain a feed forward calibration matrix.

Kudos to the main players of the week: Roberto Biasi (MicroGate), Armando Riccardi (Arcetri), Michael Wagner and Michael Lefebvre (LBTO).
We are now closer to the ultimate objective of reinstalling the DX adaptive secondary on the telescope and getting back on sky.

AdSec-DX with its new shell

One proud Michael Wagner ;)

Roberto Biasi (left) with Guido Brusa (center) and Julian Christou (right)

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